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I stole this off another forum I frequent:

I wasn't exactly sure where on the boards to put this, but I figured this was a good place to start. I came across veggieboards because my son decided to become a vegetarian and I was looking for information. I've found ya'll to be a great group of people and wanted to share something that happened in our family a while back to make sure that it didn't happen to anybody else here. Hopefully, you all can spread this information and save a few more dogs as well.

It's a fairly long story, and if you're interested in hearing all the details, p.m. me and I'll give them to you... but for now the basics:

I bought my kids paintball guns last Christmas. My ex-husband takes them hunting against their wishes and mine and it was the safest way I could think of to teach them about guns... but I digress. The kids were playing with the paintball guns shooting targets on the fence in the backyard. The paintballs were labeled "NON TOXIC and BIODEGRADABLE" so it did not raise a red flag on my radar screen that the dogs would lick the fence when the kids were done playing. One time the kids forgot to stick the bucket of balls back in the garage and within a matter of 20 minutes or so our 2 Labradors ate about 500 paintballs. Labs will eat just about anything, but PAINTBALLS!?!?!?

We took them to the emergency vet. The younger one was okay after getting her stomach pumped and i.v. fluids for a couple of days. Our older dog was transferred to a specialist. After many seizures and many days of being in a coma her brain herniated through the back of her skull and she died.

We were all completely devastated and quite horrified to find out that a product that only had a warning about children drowning in the bucket could cause such a horrible death. I tasted one of the paintballs myself and they tasted alot like super sour skittles. I learned later that they are made out of gelatin, sorbitol and polyethelyne glycol...amongst other ingredients - so they essentially a cross between antifreeze and dog candy!

Sadly, someone's human child is going to have to die the same horrible death our dog died in order for them to change the package labeling. The paintballs look remarkably similar to gumballs or gobstoppers and taste like candy. I'm afraid it won't be long before that happens. Stupid laws. My deodorant has warnings about not eating it and it doesn't taste good at all.

The link below describes more about what can happen. Please don't kid yourself that this can't happen to you just because you don't have paintballs. They are VERY popular (we threw ours away after our dog died but that's besides the point). Another dog in our neighborhood died after eating the remnants of balls that the neighborhood kids shot over the fence. They figured out what happened because they found a bunch of paintballs in the bottom of the pool but none in the yard. When their dog died they requested an autopsy at the vet and found paintballs in her stomach...

Just thought ya'll should know.

Be well.
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