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Panting, shaking, pushing butt in air...

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Oh mann... I got home from work today and Kodie wasnt acting normal. He didnt want to play like usualy instead he was panting, shaking, walking around in his pen like he couldnt get comfortable to sit anywhere, and then he kept acting like he was stretching from a nap (arching his back and butt up in the air and lowering his front paws).... but i knew this is something weird because he normally stretches with more force then what he was doing. It seemed like he just wanted to have his butt in the air because something hurt or was making him uncomfortable. Anyway... I took him to the emergency vet because he didnt want to play or even eat a GREENIE! Thats how I KNEW something HAS to be up! HE LOVES GREENIES! :eek: Anyway.. the Vet said he thinks its his anal sacs. He said they were abnormal and he clean them up. The vet then sent us home and told me to watch kodie for about 2hrs to see if he was doing better. When we got home Kodie went pee, I fed him some rice (he loves it), and now hes sleeping comfortably.

I know I have heard some people talking about anal sacs on here but is this what happens when they are full? Anyone have any info.

If Kodie wasnt doing better by now the Vet said he would then treat Kodie for an upset stomach type of thing.

Mann.... I'm tired myself.... TOO MUCH STRESS! -_-
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Poor Kodie! I hope that is all is was!!!
Did he have any signs like scooting/licking before today?
Seems weird that it would get that bad all of the sudden!
Lots of hugs and kisses to him!
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I never noticed any signs of a problem like that... he wasnt even doing those things tonight while he was panting. Thats why I'm sooo puzzled how this could be anal sacs?
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Oh poor Kodie!! Its so scary when something dosnt seem right with them, i can only imagin with Kodie being so small how much more stressful it is. Is he seeming more normal yet? At least an anal sac proublem isnt something to serious (right?), although it sounds really gross.
Oh no poor Kodie. hopefully thats all it is. It does seem strange that it came on so suddenly. I'm sure he is happy to be home and sleeping. Try another greenie when he gets up

Love to the tiny baby from Phoebe
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Poor little guy. You didn't notice him scooting or dragging his butt before this? I guess our Kode man didn't want to be rude.
We're adding him to our prayers tonight.
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lucy sends hugsss to poor little kodie.. and aw why not a few kisses too
i'm sure he'll be ok.
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A Gazillion XOXO's to Lil Kodie! Poor baby!
I also see no symptoms! I wonder if the little ones are more prone to anal sac issues. Hopefully, someone can jump in and help!
Poor Kodie
I hope it was just a weird fluk or something. I bet it scared the daylights outta ya,I know it would have me. I hope all is well tomorrow.
The Gang sends Smooches & Hugs
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Oh, how terrible to come home to little Kodie not feeling well. I hope he is feeling better and that the problem is solved. I'll send some positive healing energy his way this evening when I'm giving Tav his Reiki.

Tav writes:
Liddow (little) Kodie, I hope you are okay. My mom and I knows aww (all) about bottom pwobwems. I had to have my gwands done once too, and it wasn't fun, but I was better afer dat. You sure do has a good mama takin care a you. Hugs and wicks (licks)!!
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Poor little Kodie. Hope all is fine now!
I'm sorry about Kodie, hope he is feeling better now. My vet told me to add a spoonful of plain canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix) to my dogs food daily to help with anal glands. The extra fiber in the diet helps them to empty their anal sacs. Quincy had to have his done shortly after I brought him home for the first time, and now I give him pumpkin almost daily.
I hope that everything is OK now with Kodie.

My first Maltese, Rosebud, had anal gland problems when she was quite young. She often had infected anal glands and the vet we were going to at the time even mentioned that maybe they should be surgically removed.

At the time, the groomer we were using was not expressing them. I switched groomers and she expressed the glands at each grooming and Rosebud never had an anal gland problem in the many years after.

It's been so many years, but I don't recall any symptoms other than scooting.

Kodie, did the vet say that there was a lot of fluid that came out? Kodie was obviously very uncomfortable and maybe instead of scooting, his way of handling the stress of them feeling full was to put his butt in the air.

Please let us know how he is doing today.
How is Kodie this morning?

It is odd behavior for just having full anal glands. Usually, they just scoot. I know sometimes the glands can become impacted or infected and then you would see them acting like they are in pain, but the vet didn't find anything like that, did he?

Maybe Kodie is just super-sensitive?
Well... kodie fell right to sleep after eating his i picked him up and put him in our bed... i then joined him and called it a day already at 10pm. We cuddled and fell asleep. He slept the night threw and this morning he ate his cookie that he gets every morning. He also went pee and poo! Sooo ..he seems to be better... no shaking or panting.
I'm guessing that the problem was the sacs
The Vet did say they were filled. I didnt ask if there was an infection... but wouldnt he have seen that and then given Kodie medicine? Some of you said that your supposed to empty sacs when grooming your dog...
I never knew that.... and i have no idea what that means... haha... Kodie's butt looks fine to me.
Is there any web sites about anal sacs? haha

I want to thank everyone for your support!!
I was so surprised this morning when I came on SM and saw all your WONDERFUL words!
I love SM!
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Glad Kodie's feeling okay this morning! Who knew full anal sacs could cause that much discomfort? :D

Glad it was an easy fix!

Lexi's mom posted a wonderful link to an article about anal glands a couple of months ago. Maybe she still has the link and could repost it?
Originally posted by Kodie@Mar 30 2005, 10:46 PM
I never noticed any signs of a problem like that... he wasnt even doing those things tonight while he was panting.  Thats why I'm sooo puzzled how this could be anal sacs?

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This happened to Chester last year. No signs what so ever. He also was thorwing up too, dirariea (spelling). I called the vet as it was getting worst. Chester was not scooting or anything. He jsut took ill. When I took him to the vet they said him tummy was full of gas and he needed his anal sacks were full or someting like that.
Well they did the procedure like for 5 min and chester was back to new the next day.

Since kodie is a tiny dog and sensitive I would let the vet do the emty glans thing.
Chester is very sensitive he has only had that procedure done once so far.

I hope cute kodie is feeling better today.
Oh, I'm so glad Kodie is O.K. What a bad time you and Kodie had! I have been preoccupied the past couple of days making 30 fancy decorated teapot cookies for a shower and haven't been on SM in the evening so I missed your first post.

Pico would have been so upset to hear Kodie was having a bad spell. I had no idea anal glands could cause that kind of symptoms....I had only heard about "scooting". Kodie's other symptoms sounded much like what Pico experienced recently with the tummy grumbling. He wouldn't eat ANYTHING, like Kodie and was restless, etc.

Our groomer does express Pico's glands every 4 weeks and I have heard pros and cons about that but, after Kodie's experience I think I'll go with the pros and keep it up.

So glad Kodie is O.K. now and Pico sends a kiss....I know they are both boys but Pico is very European in some ways!
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