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Peanut's Mommy

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Hello everyone! I've been lurking on this forum for awhile gathering awesome info for my very first puppy. This site has been like my morning cup of coffee!

Anyway, my boyfriend and I were blessed with peanut's arrival a few weeks ago from the lovely Jeanne Riley of Spunsilk Maltese and we couldn't be any happier!!

Since we're totally new at grooming, we loved his long coat but had no experience in maintaining it so we gave him a puppy cut, mustache included lol.

I've also uploaded a few videos on youtube if anyone's interested!
YouTube - amysche's Channel
Thanks for looking!


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welcome , i posted on his album ,, he is a cutie , i looove his face!
How cute. I watched the videos, they are too cute
I like his little puppy cut!
:Welcome 1: Your little boy is sooooooooooooo cute!!! :wub::wub:
awwwh such a cutie pie <3 congrats! and welcome to SM
welcome little peanut. Cute, Cute, Cute. I love his haircut. I left Miley hair aournd her face a little longer but I think I'm going to get it cut short like Peanut's soon.

Welcome for Darlene and MiLey
:Welcome 1: Welcome to you and Peanut. What an adorable boy he is. :wub: Love the puppy cut and the jailbreak video is so cute. I'm afraid he could have a life of crime ahead of him. :HistericalSmiley:
Welcome. What a cutie.
Welcome!! he sure is a cutie, such an expressive face!
:Welcome 4: Peanut is a smart little guy, love the video's
oh wow!! Peanut is a heart melter! He looks too adorable and happy.

Welcome too!!
I love your Peanut! He looks like the sweetest, happiest puppy ever! :wub::wub:
Peanut is very cute!!:wub:. I love his perseverence in the videos. Cute cut!! Welcome.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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