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So my breeder's been really great, except for one thing. She told me that she will need to make the pedigree paper for the puppy because the one she has currently was updated with the sire information.

But she told me that I can get one from the AKC since all his family are registered and they will send a pedigree paper (with the gene tree, for those that are unfamiliar) with an official AKC seal and it's all nice looking.

Gosh I sound so shallow, oh well- sue me

The truth is, the puppy is rather pricey. Reasonable for a Maltese, but in my husbands' mind- too pricey for a dog (and this is a guy that buys me many designer bags w/o batting an eye lash).

so I thought it's nice to have the pedigree framed and hung in our study or something. Along with the our other certificates / diplomas that are framed...

so my question. It is true that I will be able to get an official one through the AKC? Let me know please... thank you !
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