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Originally posted by ConnieVa@Oct 29 2005, 07:06 PM
Help, help, help !!!

Little man Tucker is sure peeing a lot.  Here's what is going on.

He has a 2 foot by 4 foot in the office where my hubby is most of the day.  He also has his crate in the same room.  Lots of time he is free to run in the room while my husband works.  He has plenty of toys and things to do.

Problem #1....if hubby leaves the room Tucker will PEE to get back at him for leaving.  YES, hubby takes him out often.

Problem #2.... I come home, play with him, fix dinner, then put Tucker in his xpen while we eat.  PEE again.

Problem #3....if we are on the phone......... you guessed it, He will PEE

We have had him to the Vet and he is healtly so that is not it. 

He does have a water bottle in his x-pen so can drink all day long.

Tucker is 4.2 lbs and drinks one full bottle a day.  The bottle holds 8 1/2 ozs.  Do we need to limit his water? 

I can't tell if : 1. it's too much water
                    2. he is making his spot
                    3. he is getting back at us for not giving him our full attention
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connie i had maxi 's urine tested last week because he also pee's alot
so i finally took him in i think that the reason they do this is because we have the wee wee pads and we take them out which kind of doesnt teach them to control
i just wanted to give maxi the opportunity to go to the bathroom when he felt like he had to go verses my neighbors who have there sister cockapoo's trained to go out 3 times a day and that all they go to the bathroom
maxi goes through about 50 wee wee'sa week
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