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Here are pictures of chlsey on the Wizdog it works great for us. I do wish we had two and when we move in the new home I might try to make one if i'm in the mode. If I'm lazy I will just by an other. I think they shoudl make them in different sizes. I like the fact that it is easy to clean. And I can hide it when she is not using it.
for us the grid fit snug with the wee pad inside. I just leave the edges hanging over ..
No issuse and chelsey does not miss the pad.

Question for those that use this in the garage. do you have a dogie door on your garage. Other issue I heard mice like the smell f urine. Do any of you have issuse with this in the garage. I'm only asking as I'm thinking of this as an option for our new home if the grade permits we will have a indoor garage door. But I don't want any kind of rodens to be encurage to come to our home. Pictures of your garage setup would be great. Thanks

Here is chelsey in action[attachment=1132:attachment]

You did think I would really show chelsey in action did you


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