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Connie, fiquring these little ones are alittle tough, isn't it? A friend of mine just got a toy poodle a few weeks ago and at 16 weeks, that little squirt hasn't had an accident in 2 weeks!! She said it was easier training him than both of her kids!! :new_Eyecrazy: It left me wondering what am I doing wrong or what is Abbey not getting.

First thing I did was forget about having her go on the pee pad (I was using this on rainy days). I had switched out her bed in her crate for a towel thinking this would help break her at nighttime - she just confused the towel with a pee pad! Now, I just leave a pee pad in her crate (I have a crate big enough for a german shepard), and bed in the front. She goes where she's supposed to go and I just clean up every morning. (I am going to try to tackle breaking her of this too though)

This is the schedule I follow on rainy days (and when I crate trained her in the begginning):
7 am Take puppy out to potty
7:15 supervised play for a few minutes. Cuddles. Breakfast... food down for 20 minutes. Back out to potty. Supervised play for a few more minutes. Cuddles. Back in crate for 1-2 hours.
9-10 am Outside on leash. play supervised. Cuddles. Snack. Back to crate until 12
12:00 Potty....Lunch...20 minutes. Repeat breakfast procedure
12:45 Back in crate till 2:00. Repeat morning procedure
3:00 Potty... Play...Cuddles...Snack
4:00 Back in crate until supper. Repeat... Repeat...Repeat

I found leashing her to me on rainy days VERY helpful also, but when I have things to get done this is a better routine. If she still has an accident, I take her outside anyways so she knows she's going out in the rain either way.
Hope this helps! If you have any suggestions on breaking her at bedtime let me know - I guess I just feel so quilty about making her hold it all night!!
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