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Originally posted by colonel@Oct 30 2005, 08:19 PM
Just a response on the wiz dog.....I bought the yogi potty for Emma (I think its basically the same thing as the wiz dog) - and I love it! I saw someone on this site write about it so I ordered it before I got her - it was $20.  (I use a litter box with my havanese but decided to try something different with a maltese because she's smaller.)  Emma had no problem immediately going on it- she can't destroy the wee wee pads and she doesn't have to walk through wet urine (occasionally, during the day I'll just wipe the top with a lysol wipe so its clean) - when she poops I immediately pick it up with a tissue and flush it but it doesn't get caught in the grate.  When I change the pad, I just rinse the top grate.  Its so easy.  I have her in an x-pen with her crate w/ a towel in it, food/water, a place to play and the potty - she's doing great.  When she's running around the house, I can tell if she has to go because she'll sniff around and sometimes she'll run back on her own but sometimes I need to remind her and shuffle her in the right direction to the potty.  She is so much easier than my havanese was!

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That sounds ideal Colonel and I would also like to say
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