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Hi Connie,

I think the Wizdog is a great concept but overpriced! The price is 39.95? plus 9.15 for shipping to VA. So $49.09 will be charged to your card. They used to have a different grid that some people shared was easier on their paws but some dogs chewed it so now they replaced it with plaskolite egg crate.

You can make your own with a replacement pan from

The 24" inches pan takes 5 less inches of floor space (since the rim is not as wide as the wizdog's) but you only lose 1 inch in length of elimination space. I think it is $10.99 For this size you can use the standard Nature's Miracle pads. However, the pans from Petmate are 23 x 17 1/2 which actually gives you 2 inches more in width of elimination space. I posted the ones because they are cheaper.

The 30" inches pan takes one less inch (width) of floor space and gives you 2 inches in the width and 4 1/2 inches lengthwise more elimination space. (I think this size is $14.00)

They even have a 36" one that is the perfect size for the Comfort Shape 23 x 36 inch pads they sell at Sams (120 pads for $23.00)

A Plaskolite egg crate (found in lighting panels section of Lowes or Home Depot) is $10.57 for a 24" x 48" panel.

Whether you order the wizdog product online or make your own potty pan, I really liked the concept. Before I learned about the wizdog I had been using cat litter pans from Group One. I posted pics on my gallery so you can see the development of the concept.

My work hours can be unpredictable and it allows me to let the dogs have the run of the kitchen and laundryroom (pan is in the laundryroom). The grid helps in keeping their feet dry and also I think that after a while they associate the feeling of the grid with the potty pan.

I wish I had known about it when I got the first maltese. I am still working on training him to go on it (Every now and then he still has accidents but luckily for me on the ceramic floor, never on carpet! wub.gif ). He can hold pee forever in hopes I take him outside. However he goes #2 reliably on it no problem. They are both on schedule so their #2 are morning and evening 6:30 am/pm. I placed another one in the garage and let them go there in the morning so there won't be any smell in the house.

On weekends when I am home I place newspaper on top of the pad under the grid and they go on it. Again, they get nothing in their paws and it is easier to pick up after paper has absorbed the liquid.

As the weather is getting chillier, I cannot tell you enough how glad I am dogs can be used to use a "litter" pan.

How is Tucker trained? Outdoors only?

If he goes on the pads inside, place the pad in the tray in the elimination room and after a few days put the grid on. He will catch on fast

Good luck.
Your husband will appreciate it, or you will appreciate your husband more since he won't let you down by not taking Tucker out enough! HistericalSmiley.gif

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You might want to ask Bridge on SMC , she has the Yogi.

The previous post was pasted from the other thread where you asked for cons and pros of wizdog.

PROS of making your own:

In my mind making your own gives you a tray that holds the grid in better than the wizdog. I like to stack a few pads so I do not have to go searching for the supplies when all I want to do is pull the top one off, the sides of the pan hold them great.

You can customize the size to your dog's space needs.

It is cheaper.

Tray plastic is sturdier than Wizdog.


You have to buy the eggcrate at Lowes or Home Depot and use pliers to custom size it.


It comes all ready in a box.


It is $49 for a 15 1/2 x 23 elimination space.
The plastic is real flimsy. Edge is not high enough at all so all you can place is one pad or newspaper. At least the one I got it seems like the grid floats on top.
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