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Pet Abuse

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"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

We helped with a mommy dog in an Animal Control that had 30 minutes to live before she was put down.
She was pregnant and ready to deliver. With a rush of 2 wonderful Rescues here in Traverse City, many phone calls, and prayers we got her out and into a foster with only a few minutes left. As she traveled to her foster home she started to deliver. 11 pups in all but 2 did not make it. She had been horribly abused and had many cigarette burns on her body. Very afraid of men and aggressive towards them.
One week later she is enjoying people, loves to get her hugs and treats and now allows the hubby to pick up her babies. What progress and what wonders love can do.
This Mom deserves more and we are going to try to prosecute some very horrible people.
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I hope they get what's coming to them, Marsha.
This sent shivers up my spine....I hope you get them good! How can anyone abuse a poor defenseless animal?
Thanks to you....she can enjoy the rest of her time here. HUGS
This brought tears to my eyes. I just don't understand people that do these terrible things. How can anyone hurt something that gives such unconditional love. So happy to hear that mom and puppies are now in a loving home.
How can people so cruel? It is very upsetting. It's so nice to hear that they are now in a loving environment.
I think who ever did that to that poor dog should go to jail and be in a cell with BUBA....:angry:
I am so glad you were able to save her.....and her babies! I can't believe that someone would burn her with cigarettes! I swear, I know there is a special place in He*& for people like that.
im so happy to hear that most of her babies and her are ok, n that she is starting to feel comfortable again n able to feel love .. i think it is horrible and cruel n just inexplicable to me how a human that calls himself or herself a human can cause pain to a defenseless animal , i so hope thatthey get what they deserve and thatthey rot in jail ,, grrr these things get me so mad
Thank God you and the others got to her in time. I just get sick to my stomach when I hear these things.
Can you imagine...they were going to put her down just minutes from having pups!!!!
That alone makes me sick to my stomach!!!!!
How could you work in a place like that and go to sleep at night...good Lord.
I was running around the house when the call came in that morning just sobbing and making calls and sobbing and calling and watching the clock. AC said they would keep her until 9:00 a.m. and then put her down! Bob was trying to calm me down but it was so difficult to get anyone to answer at 8:30 Saturday morning.
It worked out and I still sat and cried for her.
OMG, so wonderful that she was saved!!!
that poor little mom, how she must have suffered:smcry::smcry:

really hope the POS gets what they deserve:smmadder:
How horrible..Thank You so much for saving her.
Marsha:smcry: how can anyone be so cruel:smcry: I'm so glad she will be ok and the puppy's will grow and have wonderful homes
Thanks for being a lifesaver...actually 10 lifesavers.:wub: What kind of dog does she appear to be? Assuming a large one to have that many pups. I agree about whoever did this should be hunted down and what he did to the dog should be done to him. JMO.
It is truly hard to understand how we are all part of the same human race sometimes. :( I am so happy you were there when she needed all that help :grouphug:
Sometimes I think the shelters are the enemy... :angry:

Thank goodness this situation had a happy ending.
Thank you for doing this!!!
Thank you for saving this precious one and her babies!!!!

Oh, yes, I pray the abuser gets what is coming to them!

I don't understand why a shelter, if they know someone is coming to get the dog and a rescue group at that, wouldn't be pu ta hold on the euthinazation! Just doesn't make sense to me at all! :(

Oh, that is such a stressful time you had to go through.....but you did it for the love of that mother dog.......Thank you!!! I hope the people get what they deserve, that is just awful what they did!!!!
OMG Marsha. This story has a happy ending but I can't even imagine what this poor Mama went through prior to you rescuing her. You and Bob are her guardian angels. Truly you are. I pray the Mama and her babies get the loving homes they deserve. A round of applause to you and Bob.
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