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Pet Friendly San Francisco Hotels...suggestions please!

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My husband and I are planning a weekend trip to San Francisco, in a couple of weeks, and we plan on bringing our 2 pups with us. I've done some research and it looks like most hotels have a limit of 1 dog per room. Can anyone suggest a decent dog friendly hotel that doesn't break the bank and will allow 2 dogs? This will be their first vacation going away with us so I want their experience to be a good one! Thanks!!!
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I stayed at one..
i'll see if Ken remembers!
I'm not sure if there are any La Quintas in SF itself, but if there are they allow multiple dogs per room.

I stayed at one just outside the airport and had Jax and was with my friend who has a Dobie. :) They also have a REFUNDABLE pet deposit.
The Kimpton Hotels group allow dogs. Kimpton Hotels: Boutique Hotels and Luxury Travel - San Francisco Hotels
They have several different tiers of hotels to fit your budget.

Good luck and have fun in SF! You'll never wanna leave! That's what happened to me!!
Oh and you have to check out the dog parks here, Pine Lake Dog Park in Stern Grove is really nice!
Thank you so much everyone!
We stayed at one of the Klimpton Boutique hotels with Coco. I don't know if your dogs are inside or outside dogs, but be aware that the only grass downtown is at Union Square. We had to walk blocks to take her out. It was truly a pain, especially late at night.

I know that the Four Seasons is dog friendly, but it's a lot pricier. I'm not sure I'd take my dogs back there. It is very difficult if you have an outside dog and no grass.
Well, this is by far my favorite place in S.F. I don't know if what area you are looking to be in for your visit. My favorite is Union Square because I love to shop. This is a old classic S.F. hotel and now part of the Kimpton chain. This is not only a dog freindly hotel, it is a dog pampering hotel!!

San Francisco Pet-Friendly Hotels- California Pet-Friendly Hotel Lodging- Sir Francis Drake

The other thing I would suggest is checking with the Marriotts. There are a number of them in S.F., including the Wharf area. I use Marriott alot for business travel, and I think they have changed thier policy on dogs!
The Westin (on 50 third street) allows dogs too. They're a couple Westins in SF, they probably all allow dogs, but I know for sure the one at 50 Third Street allows dogs.
Thank you so much everyone for the quick replies!
San Francisco is such a lovely city to visit... have a great time (and post lotsa pics when you get back!!!) :)
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