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I am traveling with lucky in three weeks on a plane for a 6 hour flight. We bought him a sturdibag in large and he loves it..lays in it when we are home and I use it for when we go out with him so he gets used to it. He is fine zipped up for short periods of time but eventually he wants to come out and starts barking and scratching. We flew with him once before a year ago and although i don't think he get anxious, after a while he just wants out of that carrier! I want him to be able to relax and sleep because otherwise its not a pleasant trip at all because im just too worried about him the whole time. I don't want to use a tranquilizer and or benedryl. I was hoping there was a natural calming remedy I could try to just put him at ease to be able to rest. I was reading up on Petcalm...wondering if anyone has used that or any other natural remedies. I'm so picky with putting anything into him that im unsure about.

Any advice is appreciated...thanks so much!
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