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Phoebe rolled over by herself!

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I just have to say how excited I was that she did this
For the longest time, shes known how to roll over, but she always needed my hand signal to kind of get her moving in the right direction. Well, Phoebe will do anything, I swear, if she loves the treat she will be getting. So she loves this new dried turkey hearts treat, so, knowing she wanted it really badly, I just looked at her and said, "roll over".

Well it was soooo funny because she basically just sat there staring at me, and finally jerked her head as if she was going to do it, so I said uh huh, good girl, really softly and slowly, eventually, she just went with it
like a half-butted attempt at a roll over. I was cheering like crazy
We repeated a few times and each time was funnier than the last. Some times it would be like a half roll, sometimes she would go half way and then back, or twirl funny she was just so excited for that treat. She eventually did quite a few perfectly

just a proud mommy moment I had to share
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What a smart puppy.
I have not even tried that with chelsey yet...

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