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Phoebe's luxating patella story

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Phoebe was scheduled for patella surgery this coming Monday. I say 'was' because I have since cancelled. Two or three weeks ago I came home to her limping. In hindsight I remember one or two other times in passing she was holding up that leg. I figured it was a sore muscle or she sat funny or something. Well this time it was so bad that she wouldnt squat to pee, she would just sit instead, so I took her to the vet. They confirmed one of my worst fears, after feeling around, the knee was out of joint. So, they did an x-ray and scheduled her for surgery, definately one knee, and that morning the specialist would look her over and if she needed it would just keep her that day. For 1600$ each knee. ouch.

Now, things right now are going nuts as usual in my life. The day before this, we had bad news that my BF needed tests because of an eye problem that could potentially be serious, and it turned out last week an MRI + other stuff confirmed he has MS. Then, yesterday my company announced we have been "aquired". I am totally at my breaking point...

Anyway I tossed and turned debating on contacting my breeder to ask for help in the cost. One thing I have a hard time doing is asking anyone for money. I know theres no guarantees when it comes to this thing, and I trust that she has done her best in preventing this, but I felt I did my best in finding a great breeder, and Phoebe is not even 1 year old, so it just didnt feel fair (plus I'm a big ball of mess right now). Since theres a price "range" for these puppies and I paid the high end, I decided that made a good enough argument to at least ask for the difference in a lesser puppies cost.

It turned out that she was wonderful and helpful and explained at length to me the whole process and all of her research and experience with this. She is very concerned about Phoebe, and genuinely saddened to hear she has this problem. She is going to work with me, and we are going to rest Phoebe (strict crate or sitting on mommy's lap) and I'll call her with bi-weekly updates. Shes also going to inquire about vet's in PA that I might get a second opinion. She feels most likely she will need the surgery, but relaxed my mind by letting me know there is no rush, and has given me peace of mind that she plans to help and is not leaving me alone in this. She has had some do fine without surgery at all, even high grade luxations such as this. I cannot tell you what a relief that one phone call was.

I have talked to some of you who have had this so I wanted to update everyone. Phoebe seemed to be favoring that leg a few days ago, but has good days where its not bothering her. I can feel that its out though, but even so she is putting weight on it today. We will see what happens.

I've been meaning to write this novel for weeks. Finally I got around to it. Sorry I am so long winded
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Thank you all so much for the support and words of comfort. I just feel better knowing I dont have to do this right now thats all. I think she will need it, and I actually would like it to be over with so she can get on with being a puppy, but too many other factors right now.

Dont quote me, but the breeder explained alot to me, and one of the things that she said is that this is not only genetic, and injuries can cause them to happen. That being said, she did say that even if there are low level luxations in these toy breeds, you simply could not eliminate them all from your breeding program or you would have little to no dogs. She did say that if she has one show up before 1-2 years of age, then that dog will not be bred, but beyond that she keeps tabs on whats coming out of where and hardly ever has had this problem. She does do the testing on her dogs, and she did tell me neither of phoebe's parents have bad knees, but one of her mothers littermates ended up showing up with the problem.

Someone else pm'd me and did make alot of sense when she said, they say arthritis can be caused by this, but surgery ALSO can cause arthritis. I'm open to any and all thoughts on the matter though. I will take Scooby's mom's advice and try the G\C too. Hadn't thought of that

Now, that post on the snocap pup has me curious because of the patella problem they are having at a young age, may be why she is helping me because its probably a close relative.

Anyway, as far as my BF goes I am especially worried because his problem cannot be "fixed" and is very unpredictable. I know that alot of things can be done and we meet with the specialist at the end of the month. I have totally changed his and my diet, we are like huge natural nuts now
and I am reading up on every alternate and conventional treatment out there. He says if anyone can cure him, I can
but honestly, I have no idea where I get the strength sometimes...

My job is just an added thing to worry but probably the least. I mean, I dont love my job (sometimes hate but not always), but it pays the bills and was very secure up until now. I think I am probably "safe" for a bit at least, and if not I'd have plenty of time to look for a job if I werent so busy with this one. I can think the most positive on this front anyway

Thanks again so much all of you. I'm glad I posted now because you really have made me feel better.
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Thanks again guys for all of your support. I really appreciate it. As far as the payments and such, I can come up with the money, I just wish I didnt have to. Especially so soon after getting her. But definately for our baby we will manage. The main thing is not rushing into anything so my brain can settle down a bit. Just too much at once.

She seems to be doing ok, not limping or in any pain. If I put her down to pee, she takes off running sometimes. I do notice that sometimes I feel it when I pick her up so I think I dont have much time, and I'll have to get it done. I do want the second opinion though and I'd love a recommendation of someone to do it, but that might not happen.

Hopefully we can make it through the holidays and then deal with it.
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