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Janet I am so sorry to hear about Phoebe's problem and also your BF and your job.

I would like to know if you have tried Phoebe on Glucosomine and Chrondroitin suppliments to assist her with her problem. The reason I ask is because Scooby was diagnosed with LP at the same age and also had problems with his knee slipping out when he would play. Our vet recommended we put him on a short course of an anti-inflammatory which we did and he seemed to be ok for a while but the problem returned. We have since put him on the Glucosomine suppliment and I have to say after six months of this treatment he has not had any trouble since and he races about normally and never pulls up sore. These suppliments help with the strengthening of the ligaments etc that hold the knee in place and also help to repair cartalege. The odd thing is our vet said that although Scooby's knee wasn't too bad he could still require surgery. That was a year ago, now she says he no longer needs surgery because his knee is now a whole lot stronger than it was a year ago. I will be keeping him on the suppliments because I have faith that they are working for him and I find it a lot less invasive than surgery.
Another thing we have chosen to do is to not allow Scooby to climb stairs nor jump from high places even though he loves to do so, he knows now that it is not permitted and insists on being carried downstairs etc. I think that also has aided in taking the stress off his knee and allowed it to get better and stronger.
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