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I am really sorry for everything that you are going through right now. I sure hope that Phoebe feels better and I'm glad that your breeder is willing to help you.

My favorite (country) singer was diagnosed with MS about 10 years ago I think. He is on a treatment for it and lives a very active lifestyle(now in remission I believe). He also has used his celebrity status to inform people about it and created a foundation to research and hopefully help find a cure for it. I hope your BF is able to get proper treatment and live a normal life.

Also, the same thing happened to me with the company I worked for a few years ago. I loved my job and of course we all got laid off. Now, I have another job that I absolutely love and make a little more money than I did at the other one. Good luck with everything. If you do have to find another job, then I hope it's the best ever. Remember, "when one door closes, another one opens". I know it's not easy to see at first, but things will get better.
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