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Picking up my new puppy two weeks from tomorrow.

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I'm so excited. Heard from our breeder and she feels Skittle and her sister Bitsy (My mom's puppy) will be all set in two weeks. They will be a little over 12 weeks and both are over 2 lbs. I'm so excited.

Also go the linage paperwork from the breeder today and a very informative paper with all kinds of little tid-bits of information. Food, treats, etc....

Seeing as this is a first for me, I'm excited but also a little nervous. Can't wait to share her with all of you.

I love reading the posts on this forum. I've learned so much.
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Ooooh congratulations! That is so exciting! It will be a long two weeks for you. I remember counting down the days till we picked up the pups and it just seemed to stretch on and on... :) But it will be so much fun to go get your new pup! Pictures!! :happy:
Let the countdown begin!

So have you started shopping for the new baby yet?
That sounds super exciting :D I am so happy for you !!!! pictures pictures please ^_^
I remembered the count down for myself as well. It was a tedious wait... but every bit worth it in the end. I remembered packing up at around 3pm (I finish work at 6) just waiting to pounce out of work.
Hey Lisa... you probably should go to and make a puppy countdown ticker bar to add to your signature.... :happy: Just sayin'.
:wub::wub: Count down ...
This is such an exciting time for you. Let me tell you......You will never be the same. They reach into your heart and never turn it loose!! Good luck and happy puppy ownership~~~:happy::happy::happy:
How exciting for you!!! oh boy, oh boy!!! So do you have everything??
I can't wait till SKittle is in your arms!!!
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