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Doctorcathy, I have been on the same 'whole thing' myself. I go to and get all kind of info about animal cruelty. I actually 2 weeks ago started my transition to 'vegeterian' and the whole 'vegan' thing.
I don't buy anything made of leather or any animal skin items, I don't buy anything that was animal tested, I had to change my make up, shampoo, and all household products to companies that do not test on animals.
since I love eggs and the change to vegeterian is a little difficult I have been looking for 'free-range chickens' farms so at least support the farmers that treat their chickens humainly. anyways I have also written to Iams about all the laboratory testing. they have reply to me telling me that is not true how they treat those poor dogs and cats that live every single day of their life in cages. anyways I am so into that 'whole thing' I will be helping an animal rights group here in San Jose (n. cal) to ban circuses in our city....anyways. sorry about going on and on about this...

It is very upsetting to me knowing how those poor animals are being treated by Iams and all the companies that perform lab testing.
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