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Pictures of Matrix

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Here are some pictures I have of Matrix.

I can't tell which of these are which pictures b/c it just gives me a number not what I named the pic but the one where he is sleeping was taken last night after we gave him a bath. He's sleeping on his new toy (I thought he didn't like toys but he seems to like this one). It's my favorite picture...isn't he cute!
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Awwwwwwwwww........isn't he precious!!! They are just the cutest when they are sleeping. I tend to just stare at Chulita when she's sleeping.

I can never resist ,Ihave to kiss their little black nose,s when they are sleeping

Matrix is a cutiepie!
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cute pictures!
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He's adorable!
Great Pictures. I like the one where he is sleeping best, but they are all adorable.
Aww! I like the one where he in his little bag.
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