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Pictures of my sister's new dog- Diamond Mona Lisa's Smile- retiree

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Click on the photo to see the slide show of the pix I took yesterday.

Here are a few photos I took of my sister Sue's new pup. She is an almost 5 year old retiree , Diamond Mona Lisa's Smile aka Mona. She won the best Jr Puppy (9-12 month old) in 2006 Sweepstakes at the 2006 Maltese Nationals . She is a cutie, very photogenic we found out and just a delight ! She looks like a puppy.

I am sure my sister will be joining SM soon.
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She really does look just like a puppy! How cute!! :wub: Thanks for sharing the pictures!
Cat - Mona is adorable.:wub::wub: She certainly doesn't look her age by years!! I can't imagine how much Sue must be enjoying her. Say hi from me.
Oh she is a cutie! And she sure does look like a puppy. I would have never guessed she was a retiree. And you can sure tell why she's called Mona Lisa Smile.
she does look like a puppy:tender: your sister is going to love her:wub:
She is cute and precious looking!!! Love her looks!!!:wub:
oh she is lovey XXX
She is a beauty. Puppy cuts earn their name :)
Oh boy, oh boy.....what a cutie pie!!!! Hey sis...where are youi???
Wow... what a beautiful dog! She does look like a puppy.
I wish your sister all the best of luck with this sweetie!
Oh Wow, she is just beautiful and looks just like a puppy:wub:. Please tell Sue congratulations from me. I am so happy she has finally gotten a fur baby all her own. I was talking to her about it at Nationals and I am really happy for her.

I hope she joins SM.

Oh My...I'm in love....(again! LOL )... she is just so adorable.. would never guess her to be that age!! Very expressive liitle face for sure! :wub:
OMG! I wonder what she looked like when she actually was a puppy. She's absolutely darling! I love Diamond pups.
She's a little doll. I hope your sister joins us soon.
I can't get over how much she looks like a puppy. She's adorable!! :wub:
She is just a drop-dead gorgeous dog!!! Congrats to your sister!!! And congrats to Mona for finding a great home!!
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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