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Hello, new to the forum here and on such a sad note, but I have a good feeling this is the community that will truly make a difference!

Someone took my Widdle on October 23, 2019 roughly 11:50 p.m. I dog know the exact details and I can't say for certain the microdetails on how he got out of the house, but I know that someone took him, life has been strange as it is hell since then, and I believe it is someone close enough that now has him at least.
But that may not be the case, it's possible that he was sold or adopted or anything's possible really. However I have checked shelters rescues pet stores vets groomers I try to keep on any dog event I am at the point where I am leaving notes and signs and knocking on doors. I have looked in my area other neighborhoods south jersey and checked out a few surrounding states online. They don't want him to be found.

We are in the Southeast Philadelphia area.
Again the last day I saw him was October 23, 2019 late at night.
He's a male, Maltese 10.8lbs 5 y/o he has a few teeth missing in the front and he had a pretty short puppy cut. At the time he had on a blue green PetSmart bandana with his training cooler but they were most likely removed. Also you might notice he has some back leg lameness and would stand on one foot often. NOT a huge Barker, very well grained, but an excessive licker.
Another concern- he was not yet neutered or microchipped. Long story short he missed his vet appointment for the following week.
I guess I'm asking everyone to keep an eye out and to let me know if anything comes up or if you recall anything since october. I know it's hard trust me but I can't take this much longer, and no closure. I'm also willing to cover an adoption of another pup if there's any at
tachment or children or any reason. I just can't give up.
I have all the required docs records etc, I have more information and identifiers of course. And if you play the song Born Free from Madagascar he will sing/howl.
Thank you
P.s. he goes by "DEXTER" OR "PUNJA"


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