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Please welcome another Angel

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Hello everyone,

I joined a long time ago but have not posted anything. I learned so much here, thank you all for the wealth of information. I also thank all of you for helping me find my perfect puppy - on this forum I found out about puppy mills, BYBs, and decied to go across the country for my baby ( I live in Ohio). Please welcome another Angel! Her name is Fiona and we got her about 3 weeks ago from Bonnie Palmer. She is everything I ever wanted and more!

I tried to post pictures (not sure if I did it right though).

I look forward to learning even more from all of you in the future and becoming a part of this family!



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Congratulations!!!! She's a stunning beautiful pup! Can't wait to hear more about her and ofcourse you too! My name is Dianne and I want to welcome you here, you will love it here.:wub2:
oh congrats on your new baby! She looks like a little doll :)
Welcome to the forum! Glad you are here. You baby is adorable!
Welcome and Congradulations!!!! She is adorable. Fiona is such a
lovely name.
Congratualations on your baby! Fiona is adorable :wub:
She is so precious, congrats! Isn't this forum great? I learned so much too & found my baby with important information from others. Looking forward to seeing her as she grows.

Fiona is adorable! congrats on the new addition to your family!
Is that Fiona.... after Princess Fiona in Shrek!?

She is darling!! :wub:
She is adorable, I love Angels, my Cokie is one
Welcome, what a beautiful little girl :wub:
Welcome, She sure looks like a little Angel
Ohhhh, she is absolutely adorable!!! Congratulations!!!!!!
Congratulations and Welcome!!! Fiona is just too adorable!!
Jelena - welcome! So glad the forum helped you make an informed decision. And what a great one :chili::chili: Fiona is adorable. What a sweet face.:wub::wub: and she looks like she has a beautiful coat. Happy you've started posting and looking forward to more pix.
Congrats on your new little Angel! Cosy sends Angel kisses and high paw! Fiona is adorable!
Welcome to you and Fiona!!! She is a little doll~~~and looks like she is so happy!!! So glad you decided to post. It is always hard to post the first one and then watch out.......please post more pics of that little Angel!!!:wub::wub::wub:
Welcome!! Fiona is a little beauty for sure :wub:.
1 - 20 of 47 Posts
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