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Originally posted by Violet's Mom@Aug 4 2005, 05:27 PM
Please share your experiences with these shops:

Perfect Pets (Far Rockaway, NY)
Puppy Boutique (Brooklyn, NY)
Puppy Paradise (Brooklyn, NY)

I didn't see any of the above listed as a puppy mills (link provided in other threads).  I'd like to hear the good, bad, and ugly stories you'd care to share about the above places.  Would you recommend them to others?

Thanks so much.

As my finding a breeder dilemna is draining me, these 3 locations may be my only option.
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You may want to PM Saltymalty. She lives in New Jersey and has a great Malt and was happy with her breeder. Maybe she can refer you .....

Any place that sells pups that they didn't breed themselves is a broker. And almost always it is a puppymill that sells to brokers..... certainly responsible breeders do not sell to pet stores.... so... you need to find a good breeder. I bet you can get some good referrals here on SM.
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