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Violet's Mom-- I am happy to hear that you have decided not to purchase from a pet store!!!!
You will find your baby soon, I know it.

I feel so strongly about this, I want to post my response in case someone else might read it, and learn from it...

I will not even walk into a pet shop, I will not buy anything from a store that sells animals. Nope, won't do it. I will not have my money in any way support a business that supports puppy mills.

It is irresponsible for anyone to purchase a pet from a pet shop--- the ONLY way puppy mills will be shut down is if they stop making money. EVERY single time a puppy is purchased at a pet store it is adding to the problem. PLEASE do not be part of the problem. PLEASE think of all the parents of that puppy stuck in a tiny cage, never being held or loved, covered in urine, and-- darn I can't even go on.

All that- and I didn't even mention how poorly the puppies are treated once they are at the store.
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