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no, i wouldnt recommend them

prisoners of greed

I have to reply to this....I would never buy a puppy from a pet store and would never recommend that anyone else do so. Most stores get their pups from two major suppliers, who by the way are big AKC supporters and advertise so (Hunte corp. and Honeydew...if you see these names on papers...RUN). The only way most individually owned pet stores survive is by selling puppies...that is why we closed our store. We chose to close and took a HUGE loss rather than compromise our principles.

That being cannot believe everything you read on prisonersofgreed!!! My daughter and I had a small pet supply store (now closed) and we are listed on that site as "puppybrokers" because we had a USDA license...we did NOT sell daughter has a bio degree, has worked at the zoo, and several vets and wanted to be able to go into the schools and educate children how to love and properly care for animals. In order to do this in Va she had to be licensed. We spent most of our time in the store trying to educate people about puppymills...we were asked on a daily basis to sell pups...but refused to do so! Do you think for one minute that "prisonersofgreed" cared what we did with the certification from the USDA...NO...they simply go down the list and anyone licensed by the USDA is automatically a "puppybroker". opinion of them is not much!!! I have tried numerous times to contact them to have our name removed and the only contact info available is if you want to make a "contribution to their cause".
Thanks for allowing me to rant...everytime I think of that stupid list I get mad!!!

Here is another slant on this from a well respected member of this forum. I took the liberty to do a copy/paste of MaryH's post on this same topic from a previous thread.

you have done a fabulous job putting together a truly wonderful forum.

I wanted to share some insight on a couple of areas mentioned in this thread but, first, a bit about me and my dogs. I've been deeply involved in Maltese rescue for many years, having adopted from and worked with various rescue organizations through the years. All of my rescues have received their Canine Good Citizen titles. One has trained and titled in Obedience. One is a certified therapy dog. One is training in Agility. One is training in Rally. And my one "non-Rescue" was purchased as a puppy from a reputable breeder. I showed and finished him to his Championship in conformation and we are now training in Rally. Many of you on this forum know me, know my dogs, and know of my passion for helping the little ones in need. Enough about me and my dogs ....

USDA List - Unfortunately there is much misperception about this list. Yes, you can search and get information about a particular breeder on the list if that particular breeder has been USDA inspected. But, NO, you cannot assume that every breeder on the USDA list is a puppymill, a high volume breeder, or even a backyard breeder. In my state, Massachusetts, dog ownership limits are set by individual cities and towns. And in my town, if I were to exceed the set limit, I would have to apply for a non-commercial kennel license, even though I am not breeding or operating any sort of kennel, and would have to provide justification for the number of dogs I own and open my home to Board of Health inspection. In many states, however, including some of those listed by the HSUS as the largest puppymill states in the country, dog limits and breeder/kennel licenses are not regulated at the local or state level. Instead, some of these states require that if you own more than "X" number of dogs or breed more than "X" number of litters you must have a USDA license. So if someone living in one of these states feels a responsibility to abide by the law they apply for a USDA license, despite the fact that the USDA may not require it. That automatically puts the breeder on the USDA list and, sadly, lumps many good, loving, responsible individuals in with what are commonly perceived as puppymills.

AKC Inspections - Anyone who breeds and registers with the AKC 7 or more litters per year is automatically put on the AKC radar screen for inspection. BUT, this does not mean that only these breeders get inspected. Anyone who registers even one litter with the AKC can be subject to inspection.

My advice to anyone looking to purchase a puppy is to use all of the information here and everywhere else on the internet as a research tool. I could (and do) talk until I'm blue in the face about why I would not purchase a puppy from a pet shop. And because I'm a "touchy feely" kind of person I wanted to see puppies and their environment before making a commitment. So use your head. You are purchasing a living being and are (or should be) making a lifetime commitment to his or her well-being.
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