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Just introduced myself and my family a few days ago =)
By popular demand....PICTURES!!!
I will start w/ my humans first :thumbsup:

My three munchkins! (My big boy is in DESPRATE need of a hair trim! lol)

Little ol' me! With my love...yes thats my camera, I love her like a child! LOL

Me and Cali. Our 2 1/2 year old yellow lab

Cali again

NO doggy mom can resist posting a pic like this!

Last but NOT least...our little Ponyo! 3 months old

My little princess with her doggies :wub:

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what beautiful family you have there :) you all look great. AWWWWWWWH the fluffs look so adorable - Cali looks as sweet as I pictured her when I read your other thread and Ponyo looks as adorable as that lil avater pic of yours shows <3 Thanks for posting.

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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