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Ponyo HATES to be brushed!

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I thought that brushing Ponyo once or twice a day would get her used to it and eventually enjoy it. But now she see's the comb and RUNS! :smilie_tischkante:
After I get her and I am close to being finished (after a few minutes of her fighting me to sit still) she seems to somewhat enjoy it.
Is this something I just have to work on with her and not give up? I really would like to grow her hair out, but she obveously needs to at least deal w/ the daily brushing!
Thanks for any advice!
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One of the things I did for puppies to train them to enjoy the grooming is a good massage.

First I wait until they've finished playing and are in a cuddly, settled down, almost sleepy state.

Then I always put them in the same place to groom them -- a grooming table, on the bathroom counter top, on the kitchen counter, etc. Just one particular place so that they get to associate it with being groomed.

Once I put them on the grooming table (area), I begin giving them a massage. I get them to relax and really enjoy the experience. Then once they are relaxed, I begin brushing them very lightly. If they begin to resist, I go back to massaging them. Once they adjust to the light brushing, then, and only then, do I go to work on mats or something that is not very pleasant, nails, etc. Once I've finished the not so fun part of the grooming, I again end with a massage.

Sometimes I will just put the fluff up on the grooming table (area) and massage them without doing any grooming. They begin to associate this as a pleasnt experience and begin to enjoy it.

Many of my showdogs would just fall asleep during their grooming sessions.

Good luck and remember that Ponyo is still a young puppy so don't expect her to stay still for long periods of time. Short grooming sessions are best for puppies.

Almost forgot -- give a favorite treat when finished.
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HAH i have been brushing Twinkle every day for 3 months..she still fights me to the death. I have resulted in pinning her down and sitting on her while i brush her so that she can't run..(this is probably not the best way..haha)
Pixie was the same way! She still doesn't like it, but she's a lot better now. Massage is a great idea, that helps relax them a lot. With Pixie, I also started smearing peanut butter on the counter where I groom her. She is so busy licking it up that she doesn't pay any attention to me at all. Now she just gets excited to see the comb because she knows it means peanut butter lol. Just a long very thin smear works wonders!
wow, thanks good ideas everyone! I will really try the PB idea if she keeps this silly act up!
Some puppies fight more than others - I had a fighter. I did the peanut butter, the massage, even had my husband feed her tiny treatbits while I brushed for a few minutes everyday.

Izzy still tries to hide when she sees the comb come out of the draw but she's not bad anymore. She puts up with it and then we have lot's of love and cuddle time together and she get's treats.

Stick with it and give lots of rewards.
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