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One of the things I did for puppies to train them to enjoy the grooming is a good massage.

First I wait until they've finished playing and are in a cuddly, settled down, almost sleepy state.

Then I always put them in the same place to groom them -- a grooming table, on the bathroom counter top, on the kitchen counter, etc. Just one particular place so that they get to associate it with being groomed.

Once I put them on the grooming table (area), I begin giving them a massage. I get them to relax and really enjoy the experience. Then once they are relaxed, I begin brushing them very lightly. If they begin to resist, I go back to massaging them. Once they adjust to the light brushing, then, and only then, do I go to work on mats or something that is not very pleasant, nails, etc. Once I've finished the not so fun part of the grooming, I again end with a massage.

Sometimes I will just put the fluff up on the grooming table (area) and massage them without doing any grooming. They begin to associate this as a pleasnt experience and begin to enjoy it.

Many of my showdogs would just fall asleep during their grooming sessions.

Good luck and remember that Ponyo is still a young puppy so don't expect her to stay still for long periods of time. Short grooming sessions are best for puppies.

Almost forgot -- give a favorite treat when finished.
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