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We are just sitting around on a lazy sunday morning, so I thought I would brag a little about my baby! :wub:
Yesterday marked our one week anniversary with Ponyo! She is doing great and is already a mommys girl! She is doing really god at potty training. Of corse I have to bring her out every so often, but she is no longer afraid of the grass and she "goes" a lot quicker then before. (I was sitting with her outside for 15+ min's before she would go potty!)
She is sleeping a lot better at night too! Even though she is a early bird, like I am, I wasent to fond of her early waking this Ponyo got spoiled last night. We had a few good friends over to host a pot luck for some new Airman that just got to the island. I couldent imagine being 18, joining the military and the first duty station being SO far away from home! But it was a great group of guys and we all had alot of fun! I kept Ponyo in her "bed" (kennel) near the livingroom untill all of the kids left with their parents. (M kids had a total of 7 friends over!!! :smilie_tischkante: lol)
Once the pitter-patter of toddler and 10 year old feet had left the house, poyno came out in my arms and got passed around by the grown ups. She got LOTS of love and cuddles. Since she was such a good girl, she got 1/4 of Cali's raw egg in her food. I dont think Cali minded much that she was out 1/4 of her egg, lol, Cali and Ponyo snuggled together in my room before going to bed.:wub:
Next week Ponyo has her first vet appt. I cant wait to get all of her shots taken care of, so she can go get a hair cut and we can explore the beach!
Pics will follow tomorrow... We have a full day today! Taking the kids to the beach and then to a friends BBQ!
Happy weekend everyone! :chili:
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