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That's why we did not want to go at this time of the year. If I want hot and humid weather, I'll stay on in Malaysia :D I have quite a number of friends and relatives scattered in Australia so it should be fun visiting them.

I'm a little late with my response... when we first got our pup we put her in the bathroom the first night- she barked ALL night long. To get her accustomed to the crate and bathroom area, during the day, I'd take the crate out & put her bed in it- that way she'd play in there during the day & then at night if we decided to put her in there she wouldn't bark. It worked. She would actually run into her crate by herself to sleep. It comes in handy when we have to take her places in it and when I punish her I just close the door but she just goes to sleep. She isn't much of a barker. However, I like having her in our bedroom at night. I bought 2 beds (one for downstairs & one for upstairs) so she'll sleep in there most of the time but once in a while we let her sleep with us. She's good about not whining when we don't let her up on the bed- she just goes straight to sleep. :D
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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