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I asked how my cousin how her roommate's Shihtzu was doing. We were exchanging Poop stories. She was telling me how Happy, the shih tzu's name, would poop STANDING UP!
Happy likes to put her front paws up against the wall so she's in a standing position and POOP!
I was so rolling.

So I told her my poop story! I just fed them some human food(LM--no lectures! This was long ago). My honey and I were just watching TV and they were running freely in the bedroom. We were on the floor all cozied up together. And then I smelled something nasty! I thought it was my bf and I was like, "did you burp!?" and he said no! Noriko pooped! It was the nastiest smell EVER(not like poop smells anything like potpourri...except for mine :lol: ). It was so unusual because there was this waterbottle cap on the floor and she aimed for it! You know she's a girl because she didn't miss! Although it did overflowed out of the cap. We couldnt get mad at all. We just couldn't stop laughing. Oh well...S**T happens
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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