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Originally posted by Lynda@Nov 13 2005, 08:28 AM
I am having a problem with Chloe.  For some reason she has started pooping in her bed.  She has a very tiny round bed that only fits her.  Yesterday I found poop in her bed and she had every oppurtunity to go to her pad.  This morning when I got up she had pooped in another bed of hers, she has three beds, one in different rooms.  She was in her xpen last night with  only her bed in there.  I fix it so she is confined and it only fits her bed.  She has been sleeping like this for the last month with no problems but all of a sudden she has started this pooping.  What would make her want to poop where she sleeps?  She is wee wee pad trained and we also take her out side.  She will go to her pad herself but she never tells us she want to go outside, we just take her.  If she is confined in her xpen she does not know how to tell me she has to go but when she did it yesterday she was not confined.  Last week she was very sick.  She had diarhea and vomiting.  She spent last Sunday in the hospital on IV.  She has been slowly getting better and she is almost back on her regular diet.  She is more like herself now except for the pooping in her bed.  Could it have anything to do with her being sick and if so, now that she is better how do I get her to not do this.  Help!!!!

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I am just wondering what they did while she was at the vet, if she stayed for a while did they allow her to poop in her confined area. This may have confused her with her training. She may now think it is ok to poop in her bed.
Why not make her x-pen confinement big enough to have a pee pad as well as her bed. Another thing too is you may have to wash her bed thoroughly to eliminate the odour as this may be why she is still using it, perhaps the smell is there and she is confused. Sometimes after an illness they do tend to forget for a few days, I know when Scooby was neutered he had a couple of accidents the next day but was back to normal after that. I also think if they are outside trained it is rarer to have accidents. Scooby is a total outside potty pup and he is very good.
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