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pooping size and schedule.

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Just curious that's all, but do your dogs poop at the same time everyday? Mine was pooping at 5am-2pm-11pm everyday for a few weeks with good size stools. Now she poops 3-5 times a day at all different times but now her stools are the size of hersey kisses, or even smaller. She will have a good size stool once then tiny tiny ones. is this normal? I know WE dont go at the same time everyday so it's probably OK that a puppy wouldnt, but Im worried about the size.

I haven't changed anything..she eats the same food at the same time everyday. Shes on Wellness which is considered quality food, could the food be causing smaller stools?
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Rugby is a pooping machiene! To deal with this, he gets fed once a day and eats raw food. Now he only goes once - if he is ready then he goes at night before bed time, otherwise (usually) he goes first thing in the morning. I think they are average sized - definetely smaller than when he was eatting kibble. He gets a treat in the morning since he is only getting fed once a day to make sure his stomache doesn't get upset too.
Nikki goes 1X or 2X per day, not the same time every day.
Pepper goes twice daily, morning/night. Luigi goes about 6 times a day...LOL!
My 7month old goes first thing in the morning, and then she poops in the evening anytime between 6-8pm. This one pee's all day long on her pee pads.

My 12month old goes within the 1st hour after wake up, and then she pee's once in the middle of day. Her final pee and poop is around 7pm.
Yukki goes twice: once in the morning and again before bedtime like clockwork!!
Bianca (3 1/2) goes twice a day - mid morning and then again round 9. Bitsy (8 mos) poops 3 times a day - within 15 minutes of waking up, early afternoon and then again about 1/2 hour after her dinner, which is usually around 7 p.m.

If your fluff is a puppy, chances are she'll poop quite a bit during the day. Bitsy was doing this when she was smaller. Same as yours, little bits during the day. Actually I thought she did this for a treat because we gave her lots of praise and a treat whenever she pooped on the pee pad. She was forever trying to pee and poop for a treat.:blush:
If you crate train your dog, she will go less frequently.
Pooping machine here. I think it's related to what they're eating and how well it is absorbed. I'd be curious to know what food your dogs are eating. Mine is on Eukanuba small bites.
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