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Hydroxyzine should be dosed every 8-12 hours. It won't last for 24 hours. It is certainly worth a try.
Benadryl is not effective for most dogs at controlling these type of allergy symptoms.
I have had a lot of luck using Zyrtec. Chlorpheniramine is another antihistamine to try. Just like with people, you may have to try a few to find one that is effective.
One really simple thing to do is wipe her paws and body down every time she comes in from outside. A clean wet cloth (new one each time) or hypoallergenic baby wipe will work. Dogs groom themselves and then not only breathe in allergens outdoors, but ingest them.
For the feet in particular, lathering up with a shampoo like this DermaPet: Innovative Products, Developed by a Veterinarian, for Veterinarians
and letting it sit for 5-10 minutes, then rinsing a few times a week can really help.
If you use any scented products in your home (laundry detergent, carpet powder, air fragrances), stop. Those are very common allergens.
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