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You have to have your photo hosted for your signature. All the others can come directly from your computer.I'll reduce this one for you and PM it to you. Then just upload it to Photobucket, etc.

Thank you..but I did figure out my Signature and Avatar I guess..I got both my Photobucket and yet my signature is still huge. I wonder if Joe will even allow it. I don't want it to be that big at all.....

When you say all you have to do is click on attach and you get your pics.......I've tried and tried....just think it shouldn't be this hard or can I be this dumb..haha

Also..when I click on Add this attachment, the Add Reply disappears and all I can see is "Preview Post"..when I click, I get nothing and then my post does NOT appear. Talk about frustrating....

I wish I knew how to reduce the size of my signature picture. I changed it in Photobucket, but I can't seem to make it smaller in my signature. How do you do that?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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