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Well, I'm still having problems trying to change my avatar and get my personal photo on. Went to Photobucket and THINK I got a pic of both Maggie and Molly on but after boo-koo tries to change my avatar and put a personal photo on, I'm giving up for tonight. I thought it was supposed to be EASIER now?????? Maybe it's just "me"..but I'm following all the directions and what do I get? A blank changes. Doesn't make sense to me. I'll try another day....maybe it's just this computer. I'll try on my one at work tomorrow. :blink: Right now, I'm "bug-eyed" from TRYING! GRRRRRRRRR[/B]
You are not alone...I have never encountered anything as difficult as this site is when it comes to updating avatars, signatures post & the likes. It's way to difficult...either that or way over my head too!
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