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Have any of you had any problems with potty trainging after your malt had been spayed? Seems like after Chanel got spayed she has been peeing and pooping in her crate, with or without pee pads. She was okay after she got spayed, but when she got the stitches out, she got her stitches out, she has been having problems ever since. I am going crazy right now because it seems like she is regressing, and I want her back the way she was before I got her spayed...I don't know if it was worth spaying her. She whines when she is crated at night when we sleep, and she can rarely make it through the night without peeing. :new_Eyecrazy:

I thought, since I saw the dissolvable stitches beneath her skin---they were hard---that maybe they are somehow rubbing her bladder to make her feel like she always has to go to the bathroom. Tonight I took her out to pee and she really squatted to pee. It was weird. And then last night I had her out in my study room and had five peepads out for her to choose from...she pees right next to me when I wasn't looking, and not on the peepads...on my hardwood floor.

I am frustrated
...we should have a "Vent Room". I have been consistently taking her out like before. She used to be almost 100% potty trained, now its like I have to start from scratch, and it isn't getting better. I think I will call the vet...what are the signs of a bladder infection?


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