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Originally posted by Snertsmom@Nov 21 2004, 08:49 PM
The man who owns the pet store where I got some free samples of Solid Gold Friday told me that Premium edge was also a good dog food. He said it was made by Diamond, but is supposedly better than Diamond.
I ended up buying Premium Edge and brought home the samples of solid Gold.
As I stated in another post, Sassi has cleaned up every bowl I have given her of the Solid Gold (it is called Wee Bits...very small kibble).
You cannot begin to imagine how excited I am about this, as she is going to be 6 yrs. old this Dec. 1 and she has NEVER eaten her dog food twice in one day.
She will eat a little and sometimes go for a day or two without touching her food.
This drove me
  NUTZ...   I have tried sooooo many dog foods.

But now, she eats every bowl I put out for her.

I took the Premium edge back and bought a bag of Solid Gold.
Nothing in it to cause allergies either. No filler, no additives.
I am just soooo excited I could scream!!!

How old is your little furbaby?  Have you tried several brands like I did?
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Sophie is 5 months this weekend, I have tried, all dry, Science Diet, and after that the Natural Choice (Nutro) brand, she loves the Premium Edge but she loved the others also. I changed because I thought the dried beet might be contributing to her tearstains, and the Premium Edge is supposed to be all natural-food grade, and no dyes of course. I have no idea if changing her food was really neccessary, but she likes it and I am not going to switch again. Interesting, the breeder was feeding Pedigree, I was surprised at that as I thought if you can buy it at the grocery it is most likely not quality.

Oops, I just figured out how to reply without adding the previous message...
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