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Pricilla (Cillie) Mayers January 3, 1998 - August 20, 2010

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Here I come, once again, unbelievably asking for your thoughts & prayers. Our Priscilla (Cillie) suffered a stroke 2 nights ago, followed by several seizures. She is still with us, at home & as of right now resting comfortably. However Cillie' condition is very grave, & I need you. Sad, numb, heartbroken, doesn't even begin to tell you how I feel right now. Thank you
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oo wow , my prayers are with your cillie , may god heal her and make her all better ! pls keep us posted . i can only imagine how you feel , hugs to u !
Thank you, especially hard since I lost my Moki April 5, 2009 (14 1/2 yrs), just 7 short months later our Chablis (also 14 1/2 yrs) joined her brother in Heaven on November 5, 2009. My first little baby Jassi passed away from sudden heart failure, coming up on 3 years on September 14, 2007. Jassi was 12 1/2 yrs old. Our hearts are broken
I'm so sorry, it must be heartbreaking. Saying prayers for you and Cillie.
I'm so sorry about your Cillie. Sending prayers and thought your way.
Dmarie, I received your pm last night and just cryed, I prayed for Cillie last night and when I woke I prayed for you both, I just sent you a pm with a prayer, I know that deep pain your feeling, the fear of losing Cillie is almost unbearable for you, hold on to God's hand he will help you through.
I believe in miracles and am praying for one for precious Cillie. God promises us "where two or three are gathered together in MY name, there am I with them", we are praying for a miracle. Hugs to you my dear friend
Oh NO!, D'Marie... I'm so very sorry!!! I know each and every one of your 'babies' just that..."Your baby" and that this is such a heartache for you.
Be assured your Cillie is in my prayers and you and your hubby too!
Our prayers are with you and Cillie
My heart goes out to you during this extremely difficult time. I'm hoping your little fluff will recover and be strong.
I pray that God would give you the grace and strength you need during this very difficult time and that He would give Cillie a miracle and heal her completely so that you would be able to continue to enjoy this wonderful blessing in your life. May God comfort you and yours in His name, Amen!!!!
You and Cillie are in my prayers. It is so heartbreaking to have one of our 'babies' go through an illness/injury. My Fonzie is now recovering at home (from cervical disc surgery) on strict 'bedrest', except to pee/poop. Each day he gets a little better and I
pray the same for Cillie.
Oh, I'm so very, very sorry. :grouphug: :prayer:
Praying for Cillie and for you.

I know how hard it can be. I lost 4 of my Lhasas within a 10 month time span in 2003. They were old, but still they were my babies and it was so very hard to get through.

My heart goes out to you.
I hope Cillie will be on the mend soon. We're never ready to let them go,at any age. I lost 3 of mine,in less than a year,they were old but I still wasn't ready for them to go. My heart aches for you and your little fluff.
I've been out of town, for work, and am not following everything going on, so forgive me if this was already explained what testing you had done.

While fostering my Bianca, she was acting odd. I immediately called another Rescue, and was told it sounded like a stroke. I called my vet, first thing in the morning, and said, "Bianca had a stroke". I was panicked. I hadn't slept all night. I'll have to find the thread, but in the mean time she had a few seizures, which was why she was acting odd. I had not witnessed her original seizure, and it didn't occure to me. But it had nothing to do with a stroke. My vet questioned "why" I mentioned stroke. Bianca was put on Phenobarbital, and was fine after that. She did pass, within a few months, but it had nothing to do with a stroke.

I'm always learning, and need to learn. How do you know she had a stroke?
Dmarie So sorry you are going through this with your precious Cille.
I'm praying for you to be strong through this time and that Cillie stays comfortable .I am so sorry
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