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Well, I read that it's best to start grooming your puppy at an early age so that they'll be used to it when they're older. Get them used to everything you can, like having their paws handled, ears cleaned, etc.

My Chilly LOVES playing in the dirt in our backyard. Even though the breeder gave him a bath before I took him home, I decided to clean him up this weekend (he's 9 weeks). He didn't like it much, but he emerged a happy and clean puppy before taking a long nap, LOL.

My advice would be this: Wait until your puppy is dirty before giving him his first bath. If he is healthy, I don't see a reason why you should wait. If he shows any signs of Kennel Cough or any other illness, I would say consult with your vet first.

Mal & Chilly
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