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I have thought about this before and yet haven't ever suggested it because in some ways it felt a bit "self-interested" if you know what I mean. :blush:

But after some of our recent discussions about the importance of doing research and learning more about breeders. I started to think again how it might be useful to have a place to talk about dog shows.

I think dog shows are one of the best ways to learn about breeders. I encourage folks who are thinking of getting a dog to do their research by going to shows. I met both of the breeders from whom I got my current dogs at shows and followed up that meeting by going to their homes.

I addition to the educational value of having a forum about showing and encouraging people to consider venturing out to the dog shows, I think it would be a nice place for people to learn more about what goes on and even consider getting involved in showing their own dogs in the other avenues available at shows. For instance, I am a big fan of showing in obedience, rally and agility. This forum could be a place to post information about upcoming shows and answer questions that people might have about them.

Right now we have a lot of threads about showing and dog shows, but these seem to be all over the forum mostly in the everything else section. Here are some examples of threads that could be put in this new forum.

These were posted in the Maltese Standard section:

These were posted in the breeders section:

Here is one from the training forum:

My thought is that one central place for posting these type of threads (threads related to show results, show questions, nationals and westminster, and local shows) could all be better placed in their own forum. A side benefit of that forum would be the accessibility that newbies would have to learning about dog shows, about breeders/exhibitors, and about fun things they might consider doing with their dogs.
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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