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puppies! visiting the boys yesterday

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As some of you may know i lost my beloved hadley last month, i have decided to get another malt and when to see hadleys breeder who has 3 of his nephews, they are 9 weeks old but wont be for sale until they get their 2nd set of teeth so 5/6months old.

I have narrowed it down to two... the big boy came over to play with me first and had abit of an attitude with me :) then the little boy came over and he was equally playful, The middle boy just didnt gel with me :( I know they will change as they get older so I will just have to wait and see.
Also what a coincedence with hadley... I just got his KC papers as his breeder had kept him in her name. Hadley and I moved into our new house on 7th july 2009 (my birthday) He died on 7th July 2010, and whilst reading his papers...he was registered on the 7th July 2006! spooky or what! so without further a do here are the photos of "the boys"

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How about all 3 of them? That's three times the love:wub: They are so adorable!!!! Enjoy and let us know what you decide, Love your pics-
Lucy - I've thought of you often since you lost Hadley and wondered how you are doing. I know that no pup will ever replace Hadley but boy those little cuties will bring so much joy to you and remind you of Hadley's best moments instead of the end. :chili::chili: I don't think you can go wrong with any one of them. Just precious.:wub::wub::wub: Can't wait until you get one (or at least one).
5-6 months - That's really late to get them. Is there a reason for that? I got Tyler when he was 8 months old so I love a puppy who's older but just wondered why she was keeping all three that long. I know Hadley will help you make the decision. Ask him what he thinks and he may very well "send" you the answer. Best of luck.:grouphug:
BTW you just cheered up my day with those pictures. Now I can go off to work with a smile on my face.:)
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Those puppies are too adorable!! Thanks for sharing the photos!
omg! soooooooo cute!

I want one!!!

Snowbody - I believe these pups are show pups so thats why they are kept so late :)
Oh What fun!! I love puppies!!!!!! It looks like you've got a long wait ahead of you!! Will you still have your choice of all three as they mature? I mean, if your breeder will be keeping one or two for show, wouldn't she want to keep her pick first?

I have to say though, you can't go wrong with any one of them. :wub:

I'm glad you got to go see them and I hope you get to go again :chili:
omg arent those the cutest things ! they all look adorable .. and what a coincidence about the dates .. wow ... aww such cuteness , makes me want another fluff.
OMG.... how are you ever going to choose? They are all sooo
adorable! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!
So cute!!! I would have a hard time choosing...all three are adorable!
They're all so cute! That's going to be a tough decision... might as well take them all :D
Hi everyone, the breeder is hoping to show one of them, the small dog has 6 bottom teeth and the other two have four, she wants one with 6 to breed from so the small one is looking like the best bet for her, however he might not grow very big and theres no guarentee when his 2nd teeth come in he will have 6, So its a waiting game. I got hadley at 61/2months.
I have a problem tho... She had a beautiful little 18month old (i think) boy called ryan who has a medical condition i forgot the name of, but basically one of the vertabrae in his spine is squishing down and has left his back legs paralized :( so he cannot jump and he drags his back legs behind him, he can have surgery but its VERY expensive (im talking many thousands) and theres no guarantee that it will make any difference. He is such a happy little chap, so friendly, not in any pain, wish id got a picture! There is a chance he could improve as he gets older and she's looking into operating, Just emailed her saying how much i liked him and she said I could have him for free! I would have him in a heartbeat but I'd be worried Poppy my lhasa would hurt him, or if he got worse :( and there is also the slight problem of my dad agreeing to having 3 dogs!
So... do I get ryan now and the 6month old in december
or do I just get ryan or the pup? Does anyone have any experience looking after a "disabled" dog and it being with other dogs?
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Those pups are just beautiful. No matter which one you get you will be very happy I'm sure. As far as Ryan, that's a tough one. If you can afford it financially, take him. He sounds like a sweetheart:wub:
I think he has hermivertebrae Which is more common in pugs and curly tailed breeds, Im doing my homework because Id want to give him the best possible, just need to make sure I can!
Those pups are adorable!:wub:
That's so sweet of you for thinking about taking Ryan. I hope whatever you decide its the best for you both.
I had a hard time narrowing mine down to one ...that's how I ended up taking two home .... and now 4 (last 2 were rescues though).
Triplets they are sooo cute. Oh its going to be hard to choose I like the roly poly chubby wubby one. Too cute thanks for showing them and good luck picking just one.
very cute ,dont forget to keep us updated please.
Lucy, what adorable puppies:wub: I bet it's hard waiting for the big day. I am so happy for you.
OMG -- what adorable pictures. I'm in love and soooooooooooo jealous that you got to see, cuddle and play with the puppies. How wonderful!!!
ive never seen maltese puppies at this age before so it was really special, we didnt get hadley till he was 7months old, i must say tho im kind of glad because i hate toilet training! so at least it will be done for me! :thumbsup: im hoping to visit again in november (if I can wait that long!) and i will keep you all posted
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