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Makes me soo angry and heartbroken to think how those poor dogs & pups must feel! I pray to God that epoeple like that don't have kids of their own! If they can't even properly care for animals then God forbid...!
Dumb ****$!!! I think punishment should be for them to live in that exact condition and see how it feels!!

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Luvmypupster, Thank you for the link. It will be sooo interesting to see how Texas handles this case in contrast to the Hollybelle case in Tennesse. Imagine! The Texas SPCA may get custody and adopt these animals out to good homes!!!!

The following is from the Texas SPCA website for the convenience of the SM Forum:

How you can help stop puppy mills

DON’T buy a pet from a pet store, over the Internet, through newspaper
ads, at a flea market or from a backyard breeder—even a neighbor whose
dog “accidentally”—or intentionally—got pregnant.

DO adopt your next pet from your local shelter or breed rescue group.
Or if you decide to adopt from a breeder, make sure they are reputable.
All reputable breeders provide detailed genealogical information dating
back several generations, will have the mother available for you to meet
(who will appear clean, well cared for and happy), should always provide
a health guarantee and may require that you spay or neuter your pet as
a part of the purchase agreement should you not be a licensed breeder

DO contact your state senators and representatives and ask them to
support any legislation that would protect animals in breeding facilities.
Let them know you are aware of puppy mills and that you want them to
do something about them. CLICK HERE for state senators and
representatives contact information.

DO report inhumane conditions and animal neglect and abuse to your local

DO educate others. Tell your family, friends and neighbors about the plight
of dogs bred in puppy mills and encourage them to adopt from shelters
and rescue groups.

DO sign petitions that encourage putting an end to puppy mills and other
forms of animal cruelty.

DO spay and neuter your own pets and encourage others to do so.

DO support your local animal shelter by making donations and volunteering.

Learn More
Why do puppy mills proliferate?
A Primer: Texas Animal Cruelty Laws
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