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Puppy No Weight Gain

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Hi Everyone! Hope all of you had a good weekend :)

I thought I would turn to all of you for some advice to hopefully ease my paranoia. I took Mochi on Thursday to the vet for his 3rd set of shots. At the vet when they weighed him, he weighs pretty much exactly the same as he did at the 2nd set of shots 3 weeks earlier. I am wondering if this is normal for a puppy in any way? He is currently almost 14 weeks old and still at 2.3 lbs. He eats 3 meals a day and consumes most of the amount usually and he gets a couple of Wellness treats 2x a day. I am feeding him puppy Wellness canned food mixed with some shredded boiled chicken breast.

The vet said it might be worms which was why he had asked me to bring a bag of Mochi's poop to the office to do a fecal exam. I called back on Saturday to ask for the results only to find out they misplaced his poop :smilie_tischkante:
Since the office is closed on Sunday, I won't be able to bring it in till tomorrow Monday and receive the results Tuesday late afternoon.

SM please advise!
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I agree with April.

Lucy is not a big eater by any means - she's tiny, yet very strong - and very light on the scale.

I wouldn't fret over it - if indeed it is worms, I believe that they are easily treated.

Best of luck,

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