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Originally posted by sassy14830+Jul 8 2005, 10:17 PM-->
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@Jul 8 2005, 08:50 PM
I'm just curious... what traits do you look for in a therapy dog? I find it fascinating.....
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It depends on the age of the dog you are looking at. In babies you are just giving the behavior tests all the time to see how they respond from playing with other dogs, how they treat their mother, how they treat you. You want them to be a good mix of passive aggressive. passive in the respect of knowing the alpha dog which at first will be mama and will slowly convert to me. They need to also be agressive and motivated to learn proper behaviors and to do there job. They look for dogs that are playful and do good with control type behavoirs. We call sit stay a control behavoir. They need to know proper behaviors when they are "at work" and at home. When we go to look at shelters for prospects we look for dogs that have drive and are motivated about something. We use toys alot for any big dogs, however most little dogs are more into food. We take them out in a area by themselves and just work with them for about 20 mins. I dont know how debbie is so good at spotting the ones that would work. She can often tell by just watching their atttitude in the kennel. She said its just something you feel. Shes more the expert. Let me see if I can find a good website that might be more informative.
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Thanks... I see it is not a "science" but more of an "art"!
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