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Originally posted by Pippinsmom@Jan 29 2005, 12:24 AM
I can't say really help you with the potty training sprays, except to say that I think there are a few brands of puppy pads that already come "scented" so you don't need to use it unless you really think you need to.  One word of caution...I ran out and bought some spray in the beginning, used it once...and MAN DID IT STINK!  One spray from the bottle and the whole house reeked, I can't even begin to describe the smell except to say that I have never smelled anything quite like it.  Maybe it was the particular brand I tried, I can't give you the name because as soon as I regained consciousness...I chucked it in the trash. 

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Ha ha, I me too... that stuff is horible. It stunk up the whole house... just horible.

The sented wee wee pads are great and I find that are more absorbent too.
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