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Dear Aaron and Tabitha

Congratulations on Getting your first puppy.:D

Bella is my first maltese and was the first maltese maltese pup i had ever seen in real life. I got a real shock when i saw her.... she looked more like a westie than a maltese lol With a very short stubby tail that seemed to juat be sticking out! It did have a little curl though in it, i remember everyone used to make remarks about her 'piggy tail'' <_<

I cant remember how long it took for her tail to grow and 'flip up'
It was a good few months anyway. When you do get your pup though make a point of brushing the tail... i never used to pay much attention to it since it was so short and the hair was not long but now that the hair is long and the tail is 'up' she hates to have it brushed as she was never used to it

Good luck with your new pup

Bellas Mummy
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