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Your vet sounds just like mine and he has 3 Maltese of his own, so I think you are on the right track with the rabies and the cortisone........

I would ask your vet for an "excuse letter" to not give the rabies every year but every 3 years. So many states have gone to the three year rabies now that it is pretty evident that immunity lasts longer than a year in most pets.

My Pico had a terrible reaction to his last rabies and he won't be getting any more for a while. I plan to titre him in a couple of years when his next vaccination is due rather than automatically re-vaccinate him. He went into shock and it was touch and go for about 30-45 minutes. Even my vet said "no more for Pico".

Hang around the vet's office for 30-60 minutes in case he does have a reaction. Then you have immediate care available and won't be driving in a panic. :new_Eyecrazy: I had done that with Pico and I am everlastingly grateful that I did. He just collapsed in my arms and went gray...... :eek: It was horrible.
We gave him oxygen, antihistimine and a steroid but it was scary. You should be in good shape going in with the antihistimine already in his system and adding the steroid with the rabies.
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