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Originally posted by Kallie/Catcher's Mom+Dec 4 2004, 05:01 PM-->
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@Dec 4 2004, 04:56 PM
Mugsy had his last set of shots today.  He is 15 weeks old.  The vet gave him a rabies shot also (3 in all).  He had the shots this morning and has been resting all day.  I just took him out and he went pee pee. I also gave him water and he ate some.  He seems fine except I can not pick him up without him yelping in pain.  He is so sore.  I figured out a way to pick him up that doesn't hurt him, but I am wondering if it is normal for him to be THIS sore?  Anybody know?  I read how someone was told to give Benedryl...I didn't know about that.  Is there anything I could give him now, after the fact, to ease the pain?
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Catcher was sore also. I tried to avoid the area when lifting him. He was fine the next day. Next time Mugsy has shots, you might want to wait about 3 weeks after the other shots to get the rabies. All of these shots are hard on a pup's immune system and the "experts" recommend some time between them.

It is weird to me that vets don't ever suggest this.... why is that???

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Hmmm...I guess every vet is a bit different. Ours does not want to do the rabies shot until she is 6 months old. Also, she did not vaccinate for one of the diseases (I can only remember that it begins with an "L"). She said that it is something about little white dogs and this vaccine...she said more are allergic than not, thus making the risk of the shot far greater than contracting the bacterial infection (sorry I cannot remember the name).
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