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Yesterday, I was at an arts and crafts show with my mom and we came upon a booth where they were selling puppy stuff... beds, collar covers, bandanas, etc.

The coolest thing was the puppy sling. I ordered two of them. :) I have never seen anything exactly like these. Its not very big... large for a purse, small for a puppy carrier, if that makes sense... perfect for a Maltese. It had the flat bottom so they could sit comfortably and the little leash hook to secure them to the bag. The straps were two long straps that you tied together in a knot at the end so it was really adjustable. It was worn over your shoulder, across your chest and the puppy pouch part of it sat in front of you. It was secure for a pup but open enough to see your dog and talk to them and whatever.

I love it. We have one carrier that we alternate using but it has a shorter loop handle so if you put it over your shoulder like a purse, it is very high and snug under your armpit. We were looking for something with a longer strap and I thought this was just so perfect.

Might be getting them next weekend. The woman does custom orders and let us pick the fabric. I don't have a picture of the style or anything yet but once we get them, I will post a picture. Once you see the picture, if you'd be interested in anything like that, she does do web-orders. She doesn't have a website but she'll do it by email.
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